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Social Media- Not a Fad but a Revolution

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on June 14, 2012

Hey! Clara and I have been busy all week working on building content libraries. Through my research for our social media library, I came across this video, and had to…

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Jun 12 2012

Business and Bagels Tomorrow!

Filed under Community Interest, Events, Marketing, Social Media on

As you may or may not know, Meadow Creek hosts a monthly event called Business and Bagels. Business and Bagels is a fun social networking event at Meadow Creek where…

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Week 3 With Clara

Filed under Community Interest, Marketing, Social Media on June 8, 2012

Happy Friday! Today concludes my third week interning at Meadow Creek. Let’s see, what did I learn this week? Well, first of all, never speed on the way to work….

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What has Clara Been Up To?

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on June 4, 2012

So, I walked into work wearing a puffy North Face jacket today; maybe I am missing the Cabo weather just the slightest bit. Although, I am glad to say that…

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Update from Clara

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on May 29, 2012

Yes it is true, after only one week working at Meadow Creek I left for a nine-day vacation in Cabo. But let’s be honest, who could turn that down!? The…

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Economy Moving Slowly, But Not Surely in the Right Direction

Filed under Economy, Marketing on May 22, 2012

The National Assoication for Business Economics reported that the economy keeps chugging along yesterday with some modestly improved forecasts for jobs growth, housing start and auto sales. It looks like…

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May 21 2012

Social Media for Marketing

Filed under Events, Marketing, Sales/Selling, Social Media on

70% of small and medium sized businesses are using Facebook for marketing. 58% use LinkedIn and 40% use Twitter to market their products and services. Do you? Social media has…

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How to Write an Award Winning Article

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on May 16, 2012

Knowledge, experience and the ability to put it together into some meaningful thought is well beyond the capacity of most would be authors. They don’t let incompetence keep them down….

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Introducing Clara Tollefson – Social Media Intern

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on May 14, 2012

The world of computer-mediated communication is fresh and exciting as it changes every day and is constantly offering new approaches to social interaction, especially through the internet. Social networking sites…

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10 Steps to Building a Killer Marketing Campaign

Filed under Marketing, Sales/Selling on May 10, 2012

Building a marketing campaign that is sure to be effective and accomplish your goals is not that hard if you follow some very easy steps along the way. A killer…

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