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Social Media- Not a Fad but a Revolution

Filed under Marketing, Social Media on June 14, 2012

Clara and I have been busy all week working on building content libraries. Through my research for our social media library, I came across this video, and had to share. I have seen this video in a class last semester, but the second time around it caught my attention as much as it did the first time. It is very powerful and I believe that the creators to be completely on point. Social media is not going anywhere fast, but in fact embedding its self in our daily lives. Social media I believe (if not already) will become second nature to our society, just as is brushing your teeth every morning. Our brains will be on autopilot and not even realize that social media has hijacked our thoughts and actions. This is why I strongly support businesses of all sorts, joining the revolution.

Do you think social media is here to stay, or that it will wither away like past trends?

Until next time!

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