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Moms Mean Business

Filed under Community Interest, Marketing, Social Media on July 16, 2012

This morning on the Business and Bagels radio show, Audrey introduced a topic near and dear to her heart: life as a working mother. She discussed the constant balancing act that many working moms experience between work and time spent with family. Her friend and colleague in the Young Issaquah Professionals group, Kim Gonzales, made a special guest appearance to offer a second perspective on being a mother and a businesswoman.

Kim talked about three different careers she has pursued while simultaneously raising three young children who also attended today’s radio show. Kim worked as a college softball coach and also with the Health and Wellness Company before discovering her newest passion, selling jeans. Now she works with Love and Jeans, selling Vault Denim and other premium and designer brand jeans at a fraction of the cost. In this business, Kim attends small parties, bringing along 130 pairs of jeans for everyone at the party to try and find the perfect pair of nice jeans all under $100.00.

Kim’s approach to balancing family and work is all about separating the two worlds. She made the statement that having a few hours solely dedicated to your children is better than only being half present with them all day while working. Kim also lets her children be involved with her work, and uses it as a way to teach them work ethics. Lastly, Kim’s one wish as a working mother was that someone would have told her she could manage it. She has been a successful working mother and believes other moms should know that they could do it too.

After Kim’s segment, Audrey’s 9-year-old daughter Alyssa called in from Maine to give a child’s perspective on having a working mom. While Alyssa mentioned that her least favorite part about her mother working is less time spent with each other, she also said that even though she’s working, Audrey is always there for Alyssa when she needs her. Alyssa’s sweet comments showed how much children really appreciate that their parents work even if it takes away some time with them. At the end, Alyssa made a comment that everyone can learn from; “the most important part of a job is helping others, not money, because life is not about money it’s meant for helping and sharing it with others.” Don’t kids just say the darndest things?

Audrey also shared her list of 5 things that she wished she had known before reentering the workforce as a mother. For anyone who listened or listens online, you have the chance to win 16 free hours of office space at Meadow Creek Business Center by following these rules: restate one of the five wishes from Audrey’s list, come up with one of your own, and send them to Audrey!

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