Clients call you to set an appointment to satisfy a need or solve a problem. They don’t want to wait until you’re available of until you can check your calendar to set the date and time. Let us make that conversation a positive one for the client and keep you organized and undistracted.


When your clients call, they will be greeted by the receptionist with your company name. Using a shared calendar, they will work to make the best accommodation of the clients’ desired date and time given your availability. If desired, the receptionist will make sure the client is aware of your cancelation policy. If clients call to change or cancel an appointment, any deviations from the policy will be noted. Appointments can be confirmed by email and reminders set out as well.


Services We Offer

Business Phone Number with Voicemail

A phone number assigned by Meadow Creek that you can provide to your clients or have your own number forwarded to. You will need a separate number on which we can contact you and forward calls.

Answering by Our Receptionist

Our own on-site receptionist will answer your calls during working hours. She will become a familiar voice to your clients and be seen as a member of your team.

Online Calendar

You can share your calendar with us or we can setup another calendar that we will both have online access to.

Confirmations and Reminders

We will initiate email invitations to your meetings once a date and time is agreed to with your client. Reminders can also be sent to minimize missed appointments. We can include any cancellation policies you have as well.

Price starts at $ 200 Per Month

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