Project a professional presence with an answering service that is your personal receptionist. Someone you know and your clients will get to know and identify as part of your team.


When you client calls, our receptionist will answer using your company name. She will respond according to your prior instructions or contact you to inform you of the call and who is calling. You can then decide to take the call or have them leave a message. Your clients deserve your undivided attention, so you need to control when you speak to them with phone answering at Meadow Creek.


Service Includes

Business Phone Number with Voicemail

A phone number assigned by Meadow Creek that you can provide to your clients or have your own number forwarded to. You will need a separate number, such as your cell phone, on which we can contact you and forward calls to.

Answering by Our Receptionist

Our on-site receptionist will answer your calls during working hours. She will become a familiar voice to your clients and be seen as a member of your team.

Call Screening

Robo calls and other solicitations will be intercepted. Your calls will be routed per any prior instructions.

Call Announcing

The receptionist will contact you and announce the name of the caller and their affiliation. You can then decide if you want to take the call at that time. The caller will be unaware of this conversation.

Call Forwarding

If you wish to take the call, it will be forwarded to you. If you don't, the receptionist will explain that you are unavailable and ask if they would like to leave a message on voicemail. Any message you have for the caller would also be passed along.

Price starts at $300 Per Month

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