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Don’t Sit Out the Recovery

Filed under Business Management, Economy, Marketing, Small Business, Venture Capital and Start Ups on July 9, 2009

If you have been keeping up with my articles and blogs, you already knew the recovery would be under way and this summer would be a welcome relief from the…

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Is Being Politically Correct Blinding Your Business Vision?

Filed under Business Management, Small Business, Venture Capital and Start Ups on July 6, 2009

My own view is that political correctness has resulted in the dumbing down of America. We can no longer have intelligent conversation about important issues of the day for fear…

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Do You Have Fire in Your Belly?

Filed under Venture Capital and Start Ups on June 9, 2009

I am always improvising my elevator speech when I go to various events. When I’ve had too much coffee or my persona drifts back into the “corporate” Dick Gabel, it…

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Great Moments in Technology

Filed under Business Management, Small Business, Venture Capital and Start Ups on May 8, 2009

Every once in a while a conversation triggers some memories that have stuck with me through the years. They are usually humorous, ironic or particularly prophetic. Everything else has been…

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Cell Phones Make a Bad Impression

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices on April 23, 2009

My cell phone let’s me watch TV, view movies, email, surf the internet, take pictures and an untold number of other things I’m sure I have no use for, but…

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Unions and the Anti-Trust Laws

Filed under Economy on April 22, 2009

While it may be unfair to lay all the blame for the demise of the domestic auto industry at the feet of the United Auto Workers, the union certainly deserves…

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Mar 30 2009

Time to Revisit the Anti-Trust Laws

Filed under Events on

The term “too big to fail” screams for a new look at anti-trust legislation. While original anti-trust legislation looked at the unfair advantage of monopolistic behavior over potential competitors, consumers…

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Good Economic News From High Places

Filed under Economy on March 14, 2009

I’m feeling better about the economy these days. While I hesitate to read too much into one good week on Wall Street, I do take solace in a couple of…

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The Greater Fool

Filed under Economy on February 12, 2009

Every recession or economic anomaly is caused by the lack of a greater fool. Hard to believe given that everyone and their brother was involved in this one. From politicians…

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Won’t Get Fooled Again

Filed under Economy on February 6, 2009

No matter what your political inclination, the election of a new President always brings anticipation of some positive early action that will bring the various political tribes in the country…

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When the Going Gets Tough

Filed under Economy, Marketing, Sales/Selling on January 9, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Faced with disastrous near term prospects, you could join the rest of the herd and cut costs wherever you can, hunker…

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Filed under Business Management, Economy on January 8, 2009

I have a difficult time with CEO pay. On one hand I would like to think that it is determined based on market forces and should not be subject to…

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Is Volatility Here to Stay?

Filed under Business Management, Economy on January 6, 2009

Current events seem to have raised the bar on stock market volatility. Today, seemingly no news is good for a 5% swing up or down. While a 5% swing in…

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Who’s to Blame for the Financial Meltdown?

Filed under Economy on January 5, 2009

If you are not somehow preoccupied with the financial crisis, you are probably homeless, out of work and out of your mind. Virtually everyone has been effected by the worldwide…

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Explaining the Unexplainable

Filed under Economy on January 2, 2009

My own ability to remain philosophical about the stock market ended about 20% of my life savings ago. I must admit that I have become somewhat cynical in the last…

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