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Should Brands Use Social Commerce?

Filed under Marketing, Sales/Selling, Social Media on April 13, 2018

In a world of technology, people are either on their desktop computer, laptops, or mobile devices. Many retailers need to keep up with the trend of where most of their customers spend their time. It makes sense why they promote deals and offers on social media platforms.

Should brands use social commerce? Absolutely! Which social media platform should they use? It depends on the company’s needs and business goals and which audience they want to target. If you have enough budget, you could follow Nike’s example and establish strong presence across all platforms. More realistically, though, it is best to focus on the platforms your customers frequent the most. Managing a couple of social media accounts with some regularity requires time and resources.

Here are a few questions people ask about business and social commerce.

What Platforms are Brands Using?
The top two platforms that are most valuable among brands are Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is no surprise since it has the largest amount of users, while LinkedIn has goals more aligned for business-to-business interactions.

Facebook has a huge user base from around the world making it ideal for brands to reach their target audience. They can create and measure engagement through posts, likes, videos, and images. The “Likes” and “Groups” features makes it even easier for people to connect on a common topic or interest.

Instagram is connected to Facebook so brands have huge user base to target. However, Instagram is for brands that are more visual and want to market themselves through organic traffic.

How Do Brands Engage Users?
Brands engage its audience through engaging posts. What qualifies as an engaging content to post?

Generally, the following types of content get users to stop scrolling through their feeds:
• Short and creative posts whether that be text, images, or videos.
• Interactive content such as contests that require users to post or comment on a brand’s page.
• Educational and relevant posts that grab user’s attention; some question that is related to them and the with the answer being the brand’s product or service.

Want to learn more about social commerce?

Read through the infographic!

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