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Social Media for Marketing

Filed under Events, Marketing, Sales/Selling, Social Media on May 21, 2012

70% of small and medium sized businesses are using Facebook for marketing. 58% use LinkedIn and 40% use Twitter to market their products and services. Do you?
Social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Social media marketing, primarily using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, is an effective way to to develop prospects, retain current clients and increase market awareness of your company and its products. Social media marketing is also very inexpensive compared to most other inbound and outbound marketing tools.

If you are interested in getting into social media marketing or learning how to do it more effectively and efficiently check our events page. We wil be holding weekly information sessions starting the week of May 27th on social media marketing and our new product, Meadow Creek Connects, a social media dashboard.

Richard Gabel

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