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A Virtual Assistant Will Make You Money

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices, Small Business on July 12, 2012

Running a business can be a tremendous joy; it can also be a paperwork nightmare. The administrative side to running a business is important, but never seems to make it to the top of the priority list. Connecting with prospects and customer, executing jobs, attending events and, if you’re like me, picking stones out of your tires always rank ahead of most administrative tasks.

They pile up on your desk until you can’t tell what your desk is made of. At some point you spend a morning going through everything and realize that you’ve missed dozens of deadlines, passed on several golden opportunities and forgotten too many commitments you’ve made because you didn’t stay on top of the paperwork. There are hidden costs and some not so hidden costs to all of this.

Lost opportunities, late fees, penalties and productivity all result from the procrastination involved with paperwork. Even if you’re obsessive compulsive or have some kind of weird affinity for the administrative side of running a business and keep a clean desk that may even be worse. If you’re an entrepreneur, by definition you believe you have something valuable to offer the world. That puts a price on your head. That price should be a lot higher than value of doing paperwork.

But the paperwork must get done, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Meadow Creek to the rescue! Let Meadow Creek be your virtual assistant. Let Meadow Creek handle your administrative work. You should have more important things to do. If you don’t think you do, we can also talk to you about that, but that’s another story. Let us help with your paperwork, filings, follow-up phone calls, scheduling, spreadsheets, data entry, letter writing, emailing and countless other tasks that need to be done.

We can be your virtual office assistant and you can focus on growing your business. Virtual assistant time can is available on an hourly basis or sign-up for a block of monthly time at reduced rates. You will be more productive and your business will be more profitable. Studies show that entrepreneurs spend 20% of their time on administration activities. That’s 20% of your time you could be using to grow your business. Wakeup from the nightmare and make Meadow Creek your virtual assistant.

Richard Gabel

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