Clients call you to set an appointment to satisfy a need or solve a problem. They don’t want to wait until you’re available of until you can check your calendar to set the date and time. Let us make that conversation a positive one for the client and keep you organized and undistracted.


When your clients call, they will be greeted by the receptionist with your company name. Using a shared calendar, they will work to make the best accommodation of the clients’ desired date and time given your availability. If desired, the receptionist will make sure the client is aware of your cancelation policy. If clients call to change or cancel an appointment, any deviations from the policy will be noted. Appointments can be confirmed by email and reminders set out as well.


Services We Offer

Reception Area For Your Guests

Your guests will be greeted by our pleasant and professional receptionists. There are several comfortable seating areas where they can wait until you are ready to receive them. Coffee is available for your guests as well.

Break Area

Meadow Creek Business Center has two break areas with seating, refrigerator, microwave, sink and cabinet space. Our 2nd floor Break Room has free coffee and tea service and cappucinos and mochas are also available. Snacks and soft drinks are provided from vending machines.

Print and Copy Area

The main copier at Meadow Creek is located in the mail area. It is a digital B&W/color, copier, printer, scan and fax machine. You can operate the machine by entering your copy code. You can also set the printer up on your PC and print from your home or office via the internet. Print jobs can be collated and stapled. You can set your print job to only print when you are at the printer and enter your code and password if desired. The first floor copier is B&W only and does not have the fax feature.

Mailbox and Business Mailing Address


  • A mail box at our facility will be assigned to you. Your mail can be forwarded to you at your request.
  • Outgoing mail can be metered for you at our front desk, only the U.S.P.S. postage charge will apply.
  • Packages will be received and you will be notified that they have been delivered.


  • You will have access to our office equipment, conference rooms, and private office.
  • Printers can be accessed remotely via the internet and jobs locked so they are not printed until you or our staff enter a code.
  • Administrative support is available from our staff for small projects and ongoing support.
  • Usage rates apply for the above, or conference room and office time can be prepaid monthly.

Business Phone Number with Voicemail

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Phone with Voicemail

A private phone line for business or personal use is essential for keeping your life organized. We can pride you with a local number and voicemail. Make sure important calls and messages don’t get missed and are kept confidential.

Calls can go to voicemail or be forwarded to any number you select. You can program the phone remotely and change forwarding options on the fly The system can notify you when you have a message waiting or send the message in an email

100 Mbps Internet Service

Each office is connected to Comcast 100 Mbps down/10 Mbps up lightening fast internet service. There are also 3 WiFi connections through the building. Static IPs are also available. Virtual tenants and hourly office clients have no problems connecting to our network.

Conference Room

There are 4 conference and meeting rooms at Meadow Creek. The Board Room seats 12 at the table with ample perimeter space for additional seating and exhibits. The Large Conference Room seats 10 at the table and also has perimeter space for additional seating and exhibits. The Small Conference Room has seating for 6 at the table. The Meeting Room (Boat Room) has seating for 4 at the table.

Price starts at $30.00 Per Hour

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