Starting and growing a business is a complex undertaking. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with people vital to the success of their business. Make sure you have advisors with the skills and experience that you don’t have and others that you can trust to put it all together.


Meadow Creek is a collection of successful entrepreneurs and independents that provide a community of potential advisors and subject matter experts to help you grow your business. Meadow Creek offers a combination of open events to discuss critical business issues in an open forum as well as well as consulting projects on a selective basis.


Services We Offer

Business & Bagels

A complimentary breakfast that includes networking and the discussion of an important business issue of the day.

Tenant Talks

A brown bag lunch event for networking and an informative presentation by one of our clients.

Brain Storming and Master Mind Sessions

Covering such topics as: business issue resolution, fund raising for the entrepreneur and business book and concept discussions.

Business Skills Workshops

Mini-series sessions on strategic planning, business plans, marketing and other areas with an emphasis on doing in addition to learning. Subject matter experts are encouraged to lead sessions here at Meadow Creek.

Price starts at $200.00 Per Hour

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