A private office in the interior of the building with no window except for a reveal along side the door.

For those of us that spend most of the day staring into a computer, this is a practical economical way of satisfying our office space needs. An interior office is usually about 80% of the cost of an equivalent window office. An interior office has all of the same benefits and privileges of a window office.


Available Interior Offices

2-E5 105 square foot office - Call for pricing Available Now

2-E5 web 2nd Floor Plan

2-E7 111 square foot office - Call for pricing Available Now

2-E7 from behind desk web 2-E7 looking through door web 2nd Floor Plan

2-E2 125 square foot office - Call for pricing Available in July

2-E2 web 2nd Floor Plan

Benefits Included

300 Mbps Internet Service

Each office is connected to Comcast 300 Mbps down/30 Mbps up lightning fast internet service. There are also 3 Wi-Fi connections through the building. Static IPs are also available. Your guests will have no problems connecting to our network.

Business Phone Number and Phone with Voicemail

Each office has a phone with voicemail, speaker, conferencing, forwarding and a variety of other functions. Calls can go to voicemail or be forwarded to any number you select. You can program the phone remotely and change forwarding options on the fly.

Print and Copy Area

The main copier at Meadow Creek is located in the mail area. It is a digital B&W/color, copier, printer, scan and fax machine. You can operate the machine by entering your copy code. You can also set the printer up on your PC and print from your home or office via the internet. Print jobs can be collated and stapled. You can set your print job to only print when you are at the printer and enter your code and password if desired. Private office tenants receive 100 complimentary B&W prints or copies per month. The first floor copier is B&W only and does not have the fax feature.

Mailbox and Business Mailing Address

Mail Each office is assigned a unique mailing address and mailbox. If statutory requirements dictate secured storage, your mail can be kept in the back room. Your mail can be forwarded to you at your request. Outgoing mail can be metered for you at your front desk, only the U.S.P.S. postage charge will apply except for bulk mailings. Packages will be received and you will be notified that they have been delivered.

Conference Room

Tenants are provided with 16 free hours per month in any of our 4 conference rooms. The Board Room seat 12 at the table, the Tiger Mountain Room seats 10 at the table, the Squak Mountain Room seats 6 at the table and the Cougar Mountain Room seats 4 at the table. The Board Room and the Tiger Mountain Room have perimeter space available for additional seating and displays. Times can be reserved through the receptionist or online. The Board Room and the Cougar Mountain Room are equipped with flat screen TVs. A PC projector is available for use in any of the rooms. A Polycom conference phone is available for the Board Room and the Tiger Mountain Room. Additional charges apply for this equipment.

Nightly Cleaning Service

Meadow Creek Business Center has a cleaning service 5 nights per week.

Reception Area For Your Guests

Your guests will be greeted by our pleasant and professional receptionists. There are several comfortable seating areas where they can wait until you are ready to receive them. Coffee is available for your guests as well.

Break Area

Meadow Creek Business Center has two break areas with seating, refrigerator, microwave, sink and cabinet space. Our 2nd floor Break Room has free coffee and tea service and cappuccinos and mochas are also available. Snacks and soft drinks are provided from vending machines.

Free Parking

Meadow Creek Business Center has ample free parking for you and your guests.

Price starts at $802 per month

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