Coworking is a great way to collaborate, participate and grow your business at the same time.


Successful entrepreneurs are skilled surrounding themselves with people vital to the success of their business. Hard thing to do sitting at home.

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Services We Offer

24/7 Access to The White Board

Each member is assigned a code to the keypad door lock at the entrance to The White Board. You can come and go as you please anytime day or night. An security camera provides an added degree security in the well lit Gilman Village.

Casual Seating Area

The first room as you enter The White Board is a casual seating area. It is a great place to socialize, take a call, work or take a nap. Remember to use your library voice in The White Board.
There are cubbies for anyone's use and locker storage with padlocks at an additional charge in the casual seating area.

Work Area

The main room is a work area at The White Board. There are a number of desks and a large table. The chairs are all very comfortable, adjustable high-back mesh. There are cubbies for anyone's use.
There is a printer in the work room for incidental printing and copying.
Members are provided print codes at Meadow Creek Business Center for anything other than a small number of pages. The Meadow Creek printers can be accessed via the internet and jobs picked up at Meadow Creek. Per page charges apply.

50 Mbps Internet Service

Enjoy the 50/10 Mbps internet service using our Wi-Fi or a wired connection.


The White Board has a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffee maker, hot water maker, mugs, cups, dishes and other supplies for your use.


The White Board has its own unisex restroom.

Phone Room

A phone room provides an element of privacy and sound proofing for extended calls.

Office & Conference Room Time

Members receive discounts on the use of conference rooms and the hourly office at Meadow Creek Business Center.

Price starts at $250 Per Month

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