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Don’t Hide Your Passion

Filed under Venture Capital and Start Ups on August 16, 2011

If you went into business for yourself, there was probably some driving force behind it. Not just the opportunity to make a lot of money, but an idea for a product or service that others would value. This product or service would have a positive impact that would directly or indirectly bring a sense of satisfaction to you as well. That is where the root of entrepreneurial passion lies. It is what in the deepest sense motivates entrepreneurs and small business owners to continue their quest.
Why is it then that it is so often kept secret from the rest of the world? Not incorporated into the company’s mission, vision or values. Not jumping out of every web page, brochure or elevator speech. Sometimes we think these passions are too personal to share with the outside world or even employees. Some may think that if there is not a clear linkage to dollars and cents their passion has no place in company business.

Not so! If it motivates you, it shows a personal commitment to something beyond collecting your receivables. If it motivates you, it will motivate your employees and motivate your clients. People will be more comfortable working with or for someone that sees what they are doing or selling for the benefits it brings and the resulting consequence that inspires the passion in your heart.

This is the stuff that great marketing campaigns are made of. Communicating the inspiration behind the product or service being offered. Sincerity and consistency will prove the point. When you create content for your on-line and off-line promotional material, incorporate the source of the passion that motivates you.

Richard Gabel

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