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How Does Shared Office Space Work

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices on August 17, 2011

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have discovered a new way of doing business. Tired of meeting in coffee shops and feeling they need to present a more professional presense to their clientel, they are using shared office space. While it can take many forms, shared space at Meadow Creek Business Center is a furnished office with phone and internet service available for hourly and daily rental. If you are going to meet with a client or just want a place to work without interuption, you can reserve an office for the amount of time you need.
When your client arrives, he or she will be greeted by our receptionist. Your client can then sit in the lobby while the receptionist contacts you to let you know you have a guest. You can then greet your guest in the lobby then escort the guest back to “your” office. Contrast this to standing around Starbucks waiting for a client to arrive and then waiting for a table to open up so you can sit down and have a conversation amid the din.

We offer several virtual office plans that can include mail service, phone answering and office time. The price of hourly office time is considerably lower when you are on a plan, but we also welcome walk-in clients. You should call a head if at all possible to reserve a space. If you are on a plan, you can even reserve your space online.

We include a four person conference or meeting room in the offices available for the plans. If you have a larger group to meet with, Meadow Creek has three other conference rooms available on a hourly or daily basis.

Richard Gabel

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