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Play to Win!

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices, Small Business, Venture Capital and Start Ups on October 29, 2009

The recession has created a new wave of entrepreneurs. Disenchanted corporate executives will often choose to start their own business versus extending their corporate careers. With close to three-quarters of new businesses failing within 10 years, this is not an easy out to finding another position or without risk.
Too often new entrepreneurs, even well funded and knowledgeable former executives, will enter their new business adventure with apprehension and not be fully committed. Startups treated as hobbies are doomed. A successful startup is one with a fully committed entrepreneur that is playing to win.
The hobbyist will usually work from home, meet prospects at Starbucks and conduct business from his or her home or cell phone. Their business and personal lives are hopelessly interconnected and the ability to achieve an effective focus on the business is lost during the crucial early years. While the work environment and the professional façade presented to clients cannot compensate for a poor business concept and lack of a plan, it can make the difference for a viable startup.
Quality work requires focus. If the phone constantly interrupts you, ringing you will not be effective. Similarly, if you are not focused on the caller because you were interrupted, it will show. At the same time, you need to be available to your prospects and clients, an imperative for being easy to do business with. What is a person to do?
Meadow Creek Professional Center now offers Club Meadow Creek. Club Meadow Creek provides an ala carte menu of essential business services coupled with various levels of office time. The entrepreneur can keep expenses down while making sure the opportunity to come to an office to focus, meet with prospects and clients and discuss business with like-minded entrepreneurs is always available.
With phone support, a familiar voice always answers the phone and can make sure you want to take the call before forwarding it to you. Clients and prospects will take comfort from a person answering the phone, a familiar voice and the opportunity to pass on a quick message or get a question answered.
We can also provide a business mailing address so that important communications are not mixed up with coupon envelopes, utility bills and flyers at home. Someone is available to receive and sign for packages, office equipment is ready and waiting and administrative services are a phone call away.
Clients and prospects will also find meeting in an office or conference room more reassuring than the local coffee shop. You are conducting business and a proper place to meet can help project a professional presence. You have also probably heard enough about branding to last you a lifetime. All the headshots, clever profiles and PR cannot compensate for the lack of a proper place to conduct business.
Club Meadow Creek provides a professional work environment at a price affordable to even entrepreneurs just out of the starting gate. If you are working out of your home, car or suitcase, a Virtual Office is a necessity for doing business.
Richard Gabel

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