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Virtual Office Creates a Professional Presence

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices on August 7, 2010

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and remote employees of large corporations all have something in common. They all have a need to work effectively and present themselves as being professional. If your office is your home, car or suitcase, chances are you struggle with this.
Taking calls on your cell while running through the airport trying to catch your flight, explaining your value proposition to a client in your car attempting to navigate through traffic or resolve a customer dispute with your dog barking in the background isn’t the most effective way to do business. Yet many people accept this as their lot in life. They’re available 24/7 to who ever wants to call them, but rarely do people get their undivided attention.

These are the same people that meet their clients in coffee shops, huddled at small tables squeezed in between twelve teenagers grouped around the table for two and someone having a loud disagreement with their spouce on their cellphone. It may sound ridiculous now, but people do this every day around the world and have convinced themselves they operating at peak efficiency, lean and mean, unbeatable in the world of business.

Imagine a different way of doing business. A call comes into your virtual receptionist, she contacts you to see if you’re in a position to take it. You’re in a noisy place so you ask her to let the caller know you will call him back in 20 minutes. You suspect there might be an issue with the caller, so once you’ve found a quiet place, you contact a colleague to get briefed. Now fully prepared to discuss the issue with the caller and in an condusive environment you make the call. You are prepared and focused, thanks to your virtual office. When it comes time to meet with a client or prospect, you can reserve office space at a number of nearby locations convenient to you. You look professional, like someone a person would want to do business with.

When you’re on the road most of the time, you may not want the overhead of a dedicated office. That doesn’t mean you don’t need an office on a regular basis. You want to communicate on your terms so you can be effective, yet you want to be available when needed. Your virtual office gives you this along with the administrative support necessary to give you the time to do those things only you can do.

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Richard Gabel

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