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Cheap Office Space in Issaquah

Filed under Office Space & Virtual Offices on May 6, 2015


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If you’re looking for cheap office space in Issaquah and don’t want to sacrifice quality, you’ll find it at Meadow Creek Business Center. Meadow Creek has a variety of options that let you pay for just what you need giving you high value cheap office space at a prestigious location.

Temporary Space
Temporary or shared office space can be very economical. Maybe you need office space for meeting with clients while you work from home. Perhaps you meet clients at their location, but would like a place to work from outside of the house to avoid distraction and be around other business people. Temporary office space is available to meet your needs and is very affordable.

Hourly Offices
An hourly office is equipped with a desk, desk chair, cabinet, guest chairs, art work on the walls, phone and internet service. Everything you would expect to find in an office. You can rent an hourly office for $25 per hour. A 16 hour a month plan for $160 brings the hourly rate down to $10. The $240 40 hour plan takes your cheap office space down to $6 an hour.

Premium Temporary Office
A premium office is like the hourly office, but has a window view and executive style furniture. A great space to impress clients or prospects. If you charge your clients by the hour, they may appreciate you kicking it up a notch. A premium office is $60 for a half day, either 8:00 am to noon or 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. A 2 day (4 half days) a month plan is $140, the equivalent of $35 per half day. The $250 4 day (8 half days) plan brings the half day rate down to $31.25 or upscale cheap office space at $7.81 an hour.

Shared Desk or Hot Desk
A hot desk or shared desk is a normal office with several desks and office chairs. Essentially an office with roommates. This space is available by the day for $30. Hot desk are available only by the day to avoid the disruption to others of people moving in and out every hour. A 4 day a month plan is $100, a 8 day a month plan is $150 and a 12 day a month plan is 200, that’s only $1.85 an hour for cheap office space.

Full Time Space

If what you need is full time or at least you don’t want to have to pick everything up and take it with you each day then we still have some very reasonably priced alternatives. Each provides 24/7 access.

Coworking is an open workspace concept that provides a mixture of casual furniture, a large table and individual desks to create a great work environment for those that might otherwise be working in the solitude of home or the din or the coffee shop. Instead, you’re surrounded by others like you that are independent contractors, mobile workers and entrepreneurs to share ideas and socialize with. There’s a kitchenette, restroom, phone room and Wi-Fi. A small printer is also available for incidental printing. For larger jobs, Meadow Creek Business Center is only a 10 minute walk or 2 minute drive from this Gilman Village location. Memberships are only $175 per month for cheap office space. Show up every day and work through lunch and that’s less than $1 an hour.

Workstations or cubicles offer more privacy than the hot desk environment. The workstations are all equipped with phones, wired or Wi-Fi internet service and 4 hours of conference or meeting room time. Workstations start at $350 per month for cheap office space.

Interior Office
If you can do without a room with a view then an interior office is a great way to have an office exclusively for you. Phone, internet, 100 B&W copies, long distance minutes and 16 hours of conference or meeting room time per month. Interior offices start at around $700 per month. Maybe not cheap office space, but certainly high value office space.

Window Offices
A room with a view starts at about $1,000 per month. Phone, internet, 100 B&W copies, 100 long distance minutes and 16 hours of conference or meeting room time per month. Make this space cheap by sharing it with a partner or coworker.

All Meadow Creek clients and members of The White Board coworking site are invited to use the services offered at Meadow Creek Business Center. From the free parking and coffee to our print, copy, scan and fax equipment. We also offer Virtual Assistant services.

Stop by for a tour at Meadow Creek or attend Open Coworking at The White Board.

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